My so called indoor life, and Justin my best friend


Nope, Sir, You are not on the list! See if your name is not down on the list, you can't come in!
If you want IN, and we all know you do! Slip me a note, with a cat treat here! ~Wumpscut!!
I am originally from Canada land. I am quite sexy in my new physique as I have lost a considerable amount of weight recently. I was adopted at almost 25 pounds of blood seeking, teeth gnashing frustration, but that was March two years back…. And a lot has changed since then! Before I moved to the United States I had been in many pounds and had been fostered by several different people. I had undergone some extensive surgery and had my tail amputated as well as some lower back disc repair. I had a wonderful man named Sophist once but he was unable to house me as I had an affection for eating his birds. I had been hanging out with the wrong type of crowd, bangles and I learned to hold my own.
That was then, now I live a fast jump and a hop to Portland, and personally I think that I am in a much better place not only physically but emotionally.

I am really not into red meat, I prefer turkey, BBQ salmon or an occasional moth. I spend most of my day laying in sunbeams, hanging out in the computer office, the front window, Justin’s lap, attacking anything that walks by or laying on the white dinning room chair. I am particular about cat nip, it should be cosmic and it a fresh cloth tea bag please.
I mostly enjoy classical music, I am not much for modern day rock, but I do enjoy listening to "Music for Cats" by Cevin Key
Last I am founder and President campaign banning the use of blow-dryers.
To be a cat. And by the way I am old enough to have my own Journal as I am nearly 56! That is more than 10 human years!

I have been able too, well for the most part, curb my habit of random attack biting and scratching. I have lost 8, yes 8 pounds, and have been both sheared and bathed on a semi regular basis. I rule the house faithfully along with the biggest blue eyes kitty you have ever seen. He is my best friend and he loves me so!! He even has been known to sport an image of me on his soft gray T-shirt. You should check out this link, it is

My favorite cartoon

Justin Kitty is love
Computer fans are love
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